Tuesday, September 05, 2006

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At 7Springs I had the Rig pigged out in photo mode. It worked good. A back seatpost rack to hold a tripod and little stool. A bar bag full of flash batteries, lots of baggies, dry towels for the lenses, and the other stuff you'd carry in you seat bag like multitool, tubes , CO2's etc.

This Tamrac bag worked great for the still camera, 2 lenses, extra 2Gig memory chip, and a video camera. You can whip this bag around your waist without taking it off - it gives quick access to all your stuff.



Blogger Crash Kelly said...

Great shot! This particular descent is a lot harder than it looks. Something about sitting atop a bicycle makes it seem like you're riding down a wall. But looking back up makes it seem like it's no big deal. I filmed some stuff here a while back and it was certainly underwhelming. Perhaps a helmet cam would do it justice.

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