Monday, May 14, 2007


by Conte's, and Hilton Cycling Club

The sun eventually burnt through the morning rain clouds and dried the moist roads. The wide course was almost a mile in length, had 6 turns, and many a "cobbled" section. Not the old fashioned Paris-Roubaix kind of cobbles mind you. But they were still slippery when wet and bumpy enough to get your attention.

The sidewalk coffee shop and Sushi Bar provided a FANTASTIC setting for race fans.

Racing went on from early morning to late in the evening, with the Pro 123 speed demons going off last.

After 90 minutes at over 28 mph the Pro 123 race came down to a bike throw at dusk, with Michael Stoop (Siegler Imports) adding one more high profile win to his 2007 palmares'. Well done.

Photos are being processed with a target date of Thursday at breakfast.

Ride Safe



Anonymous Anonymous said...

letz see it....??????

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

great sushi....

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

have you seen my oakleys?????

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