Thursday, September 07, 2006

7Springs photos are now up.

There are 7 Galleries links are here.

Start photos -

Free for the taking, I almost missed the start, having left the key for my roof rack bike lock down in Somerset. Couldn't get my Rig off the roof of the car. Had to run back into town quick. Got back at the campsite @ 11:55. Foggy shots.

Lap 1 - Start and Last Climb

Photos of the racers coming back around the lake. The rain/fog gives a grainy look. Just couldn't wipe the lense off enough.

Went back to the pits to set up the Rig with all I needed, then rode down the course backwards to meet the race.
Photos at the "base" of the big climb. Not the real base as the climbing began 3 miles back. Just the base of the steep stuff. Almost missed the first 2 - Tinker and the DirtyHarry's guy on the SS (Rig!:-)). Luckily had my trusty point and shoot camera to get them before theu got away.
Lots of good closeups of people deep in the climbing mode. Some nice shots of psople glancing up at the "monster" as they rounded the corner.

Rock Garden

Kept riding the course backwards to the infamous lower rock garden. Lighting was harsh to non-exisistent. Got the angle and flash setting dialed in after a while. One dude blamed me for making him crash. (NOT the guy in the B&W photo below). Actually the dude went down before he saw me, then again as he tried to ride down looking at me. He gave me a wicked tongue lashing full of 4 letter words. "You shouldn't effin be here on this effin' downhill, you're going eff people all up!" Sorry guy, only you. I felt bad he fell, and was glad he didn't get hurt too bad. He should've been at Big Bear 2 years ago where drunken spectators lined the muddiest rock gardens towards the end cheering you on and hoping you'd splat. Dude shoulda walked the garden. His pictures are in the trash.

About 4-5 riders later a guy (the featured photo in the gallery) flies down at warp speed (WAY faster than anyone), says hi, then says "thanks", in mid air as he hears the shutter while I get the picture of him airring it out off the nasty slanted slimey rock. Two extremes - in riding skills AND gratitude.

Rock Garden to the Aid Station -

Kept riding backward all the way to the bottom of the course. Lighting was here and there. Got some nice shots of the new single track section that was just a peanut butter fest. The uphill packed your tires and bike with pounds of mud, then you went down the hill on pure balance. Zero traction.
My camera battery was almost out, and I left the spare up at the pit. DOH! Rode up the service road which joins the course after the garden, before the hill. Climbed up to 1/2 way then stopped to get more photos - HAH - Stopped cause I was in oxygen debt grunting the Rig up that hill with all that camera gear. The first photos are a bit blurry the lense was fogged with sweat. Was carrying the camera around my neck and inside my jacket.

Night to Early Morning -

Wanted to get many more night shots, but the fog was IMPOSSIBLE. Camera didn;t know what to focus on. FLash just bounced back at ya.

Morning Climb -

The sun came out very briefly and got some shots with a sweet background as folks crested the steep part of the last climb. It's easy with nice light.

Morning Around Lake -

Just a few shots in nice light with a crazy sky.

Last Lap Top of the Hill -

Back by the pits as we were tearing down. As I'm taking his picture a racer says - "You gotta get a shot of the girl behind me." I did. Sweet. the Live Dirty Girls ride with style and panache, we need more of 'em. Funny - no girl ever lifted her skirt for me during a road race! I love mountain biking.

Hope ya'll enjoy 'em.



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