Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Props to Phil for putting together another REALLY challenging course.

Men AB

Men 35+ 45+ C

Monday, October 29, 2007

20th ANNUAL Tidewater Mountain Bike Challenge

pictures are now up.

That's Je..AIR..ry ----->

Gallery here.

Pictures were taken between 12:15 and the finish of the pro/expert.

Another nice air shot. He just about jumped out of my viewfinder.

It was another clinic by Team Trek/Volkswagon in the Pro/Expert division. A gallery of Team Trek photos is up here.

Have to give props to the CASEY AUTO GROUP for their continued support of local area cycling, and their generous support of this classic mountain bike event. They had the best tent and cheering section ever seen at this race! KUDOS.

CHIMBORAZO Cross pictures, and BRYAN PARK Cross pictures will be next and hopefully be up be Wednesday morning, to be enjoyed with coffee and crumpets at breakfast.


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

CORKSCREW CROSS by ALAN at Cooper Vineyard

Photos are up. And there are a bunch of them. I guess I got a bit carried away. Been a while since I've been out shooting a cross race and I was enjoying it. Still have many that came out good but haven't gotten 'em up yet. No pics of seniors or C's as I raced those.
On one level a picture captures the moment. On another level, when you string them all together, they tell a story. Some pics I wouldn't keep for their photo quality still make the cut to keep the story going.

The Men's A Race was quite incredible and I put together a small selection here to tell the story. Enable the captions on the slideshow. That was some great racing.


MEN'S A, and MEN'S B

I like this picture of JimmyD after a hard race .....